Bubba Watson’s Jetpack Will Change Golf As We Know It

Bubba Watson is the fifth-ranked golf player in the world, but is better known for his antics when he’s not holding the golf club. Unlike the old fashioned, boring pros, he always has had a surprise for us; like when three years ago he was moving about on a hovercraft and glided over bunkers, water hazards and fairways. But what he’s up to now is out of the ordinary even for his likes.

Pic Credits: thinkmodo

Bubba is on the verge of introducing world’s first golf cart jetpack when moving from hole to hole. Two-time PGA Masters champ showed up in a new stunt video from Oakley and Thinkmodo, featuring the golfing pro move on and about in an amazing jet-pack across the golf course.

This video was commissioned in order to celebrate the return of golf to the Olympics at Rio, Brazil on August 5. Watson is a member of the U.S. Olympic Golf Team, and his flamboyant and nontraditional style of golfing makes him the perfect candidate to test out this “adventurous” golf cart design.

In the video, a trained pilot flies off the green fields of the Methven golf course in New Zealand in what looks almost like a tiny pod or a rocket ship. As usual Bubba is shown as the classy, James Bond-esque hero while getting off the jeckpack and leaving all the golfers around him astonished and stumped. Creating such flying machines has been a favorite hobby of CGI enthusiasts and special effects creators, but this jetpack is as real as it gets!

Pic Credits: thinkmodo

Built by Martin Aircraft, BW-Air is actually an aircraft made to fly up to the speeds of 46 mph and at a height of 3,000 feet. It can run on regular gasoline and is as much noisy as a high-performance motorcycle (that’s pretty loud for a gold course). But when compared with other jet-pack designs, it is relatively quite courtesy its piston-less rotary engine running at about 90 db. It has an ability to take off and land vertically and maneuver within relatively small spaces. This makes it ideal for rescue missions and target marking. The company is aiming at start producing the equipment on a larger scale to sell it to fire, police and rescue departments by then end of this year.


So if you are willing to spend $200,000 to be the first in using this amazing technology, place a pre-orders now! Though you’ll need a flight training at first, and probably will have to wait a little while as even the golfer himself is third in the queue for training.

Here’s the official video featuring this jet-pack:

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