5 Things To Do if Your Phone Is Lost or Stolen

Getting your phone lost or stolen is probably one of the most annoying and discomforting things in the world. To lose an expensive phone is one thing, but to lose all your important details, contacts, pictures, etc. can really cause a host of problems. But as we all know, these things are part and parcel of life. So if and when this happens, you need to be on your toes and rather than getting overwhelmed by the situation. You must be ready to switch from shock and disbelief to damage control mode. Today Wonderful Engineering will tell you five things you can do to limit the damage and the inconvenience of losing a mobile phone.

1. Get an Insurance:

Purchasing an insurance policy on your phone might seem over-killing it, but you’ll thank your stars for doing it only when you lose your phone. The policy would only cost you a few dollars a month which can be paid off as a part of the standard phone bill, but it can protect you from buying hundreds of dollars worth phone from the scratch.


2. Note Down Your Serial Number/IMEI NOW!

One of the first things to do after buying a phone is to write down its serial number or IMEI code (International Mobile Equipment Identity). There are several ways to find this 15-digit number. You can type in the dial box *#06# and press the call key. You can also retrieve this number by removing the battery from your mobile and noting down the code from the back of your device. Usually, the purchase receipt or warranty card of your mobile also has this number. It will come indeed come in handy if you need to recover your device and report a theft.

Note Down Your Phone Serial Number NOW! [Picture Credits: Garner-IT]

3. File a police report immediately:

Most of the thieves usually sell your phone within hours – if not minutes – of stealing it to make a couple of hundred bucks on it. Filing a police report immediately can help the police track down your phone. The report should include a complete physical description as well as maker name and the serial number of the phone. Hence reiterating the importance of the second point.

Report to the authorities immediately – [Picture Credits: schultzmyers]

4. Know how to locate your phone and lock it remotely:

If your phone is an Android, then you’re in luck. All you have to do is to go to the Google search box and type in “find my phone”. If your GPS and mobile data are on, Google will be able to locate your phone in a matter of mere seconds. Locating apps such as “Find My iPhone” and “Find My Lost Phone” can and will help you out immensely in remotely protecting your data and locating your phone.

[Picture Credits: 3.bp]

5. Encrypt everything:

In addition to setting a pattern or a password for your phone, you need to make sure that every app and things like online bank accounts, etc. are protected with their own unique passwords. Also always log out of bank accounts, PayPal, eBay, Amazon before closing them.


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