5 Practices That Will Keep Your Car Happy

It is understandable that not everyone is a petrol head, and takes care of his car more than his wife and kids! But still it is not a very bright idea to forgo a thing completely on which you have to spend thousands of dollars. Especially because not paying attention will ultimately lead to costing you more money! So Wonderful Engineering has collected a list of things you should always keep in handy if you care even slightly about the health of your car and of course your wallet!

1) Regularly Check Your Engine Oil Level

Take this as a set-in-stone rule for changing your oil, always change it after 3,000 miles. The best practice is to check the owner’s manual and see the recommended oil change interval. Many cars can go as long as 8-10,000 miles these days with better lubrication systems and synthetic oils. If you have trouble in keeping track of the oil change dates, put a small piece of tape somewhere in the engine and mark your last mileage and date of the oil change. Or put a reminder on your smartphone. Not changing the engine oil on time seriously hampers its performance and life, and the last thing you want is a gooey build-up in your engine!

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2) Never Ignore That Squeaky Sound

Take a guess on what “that annoying squeak” can be? Most probably your brake pads need changing. If you continue to ignore that, then you are practically digging into your rotors every time you apply the brakes. Brake pads are not expensive, at least when compared to new brakes and rotors!

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3) Fix Those Faulty Gauges

Faulty gauges mean you have no clue on key indicators of your car’s health like gas level, engine temperature, or oil pressure. Keep ignoring this problem, and soon enough you will have a fried or seized up the engine! This will essentially rendering your car useless, so never ignore these little things. Checking the fluid levels like engine oil, coolant level, brake oil level and filling/changing them as the need arises is essential for a healthy car. And you can’t do that with faulty gauges!

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4) Keep An Eye On The Health Of Your Tires

Regularly checking the air pressure will ensure you don’t wear your tires out earlier than their life. Also, check whether the walls of your tires are worn out. If the sides or walls of your tires are showing wear like in the picture, than this means your car’s alignment is off which is eating away your tires. Take your car to a wheel alignment centre and get your tires squared away on the first priority basis.

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5) Keep A Spare Tire

Always keep a spare tire and the tire changing kit in the back. You never know when you are going to need it! Always get its air pressure checked with rest of the tires, and keep its air pressure slightly higher than the normal tires. Also if you have put on a spare tire, change it as soon as possible! You just look dumb if you’re riding around with a 10″ wheel, and you will get stuck somewhere if you don’t get your damaged tire fixed and replace the spare tire soon.


Have any more tips to keep a car in tip top shape?

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