This 20,000 W Lightbulb Is Blindingly Bright

Our common household bulbs usually range in between 40 to 60 watts, and when someone accidentally switches it on in the middle of the night, you are temporarily blinded and have to sleep with a headache for the rest of the night. Now take that bulb and multiply the wattage 400 times over. Yeah, that’s how bright a 20,000 Watt bulb would be!

I doubt that you are visualising anything other than pure, unadulterated white! You are pretty close as the YouTuber Photonic Induction tested the incredible 20K wattage bulb in one of his videos, and this astonishingly high-powered electric equipment was nothing short of being mind blowing!

The halogen 20KW bulb seems to hold a door spring within its glass, but these “springs” actually are supersized light bulb filaments. A 6-pronged plug about the size of a soccer ball is required to turn on and off this switch. It is so powerful that it can be used to imitate the sun in your neighbourhood block, and actually, that’s the only use of this bulb for the time being. No, not blinding your neighbours in the middle of the night; but instead to be used on television, movie sets, etc. to imitate the sun.

At full power, the bulb draws 94 amps at 20KW power. This incredibly powerful electrical device draws as much electricity as your entire house is capable of supplying.

Credits: kinja-img

The light gets so bright after a certain point that the image sensor in the camera is unable to capture anything other than white light, as evident in the gif and the video.  The Sylvania 54342 – BCM 64818 CP/99 20KW 230V Projector Light Bulb costs $6,301.39 + $3.99 shipping, and is available on the Amazon. Though it might not be a good idea to use this bulb in your regular table lamp, both for your eyes and your wallet!



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