Can A Call From Taiwan Make China Invade USA?

So here we go again. Another day of Trump bashing brought to you by the liberals, who still can’t come to terms that the USA has changed for good. But before you jump on the bandwagon of mindless name-calling and tantrums against Trump’s phone call with the Taiwanese government, you should know why this is a smart move.

The Taiwanese government was originally the head of affairs in the mainland China before the Communist party forced them into seeking shelter in Taiwan during the 1949 revolution.

After that, both countries remained at war, with the US and NATO siding with Taiwan to deter the Chinese expansion while the Soviet Union supporting their fellow communists.

In 1979 the USA switched sides with the mainland Chinese Government when they saw the Sino-Soviet split, thus racking up the opposition against the Soviet in the cold war.

But that did not mean that the USA was, in any way, against Taiwan in principal. Just like most of the diplomatic manoeuvres, this too was a political game to break Russia’s back. This claim is evident from the fact that the USA is still the largest supplier of arms to the 2 million strong Taiwanese forces, which mainly are used to deter China from attacking them.

The Taiwan Relations Act, which has been used by some to justify the outcry against Trump, also states that the USA promises “to provide Taiwan with arms of a defensive character.“And last but not the least, everyone’s beloved Obama has sold over 20 billion dollars worth of weapons to the country during his tenure!

So, it is quite understandable when President Elect Trump is shocked at the furore over his “act against national security”.

And even if one thinks that a mere phone call can destroy US-China relations, the fact is that the two countries, themselves have been trying to discuss a more peaceful resolution to the deadlock by working towards cooperation in transportation, communication and commerce. This is evident from Nov 7, 2015, talks hailed as being “historic” by both of the governments.
So if you think that a two-minute congratulatory phone call is more potent to cause Chinese invasion of US than the billions of dollars worth armament, Congratulations, you have won yourself “Retard Of The Week” badge!




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