This Anti-drone Gun Looks Like A Weapon Batman Would Use

The snooping and spying drones have become a real pain over the years, simply due to their omnipresence and accessibility. Just buy a $99 drone, attach a camera and voila! You have the perfect tools to peek into someone’s private lives with the poor people having no option to stop you. Or even worse, the latest drones can also be used for more sinister purposes, like firing weapons.


While there has been more awareness about the precautions to take to avoid a drone, or maybe train a flock of drone-hunting eagles, this new weapon by the DroneDefender will help you gun down any pesky bugger from as far as 1.3 mi (2 km).



The DroneDefender present the Dronegun, which uses a drone-jamming system that shooting radio noise at the same frequencies as the drone’s video transmission and control communications, thus cutting down the connection with its handler within seconds.

Pic Credits: DroneShield


While many such AntiDrone systems already exist, the Dronegun is unique as it provides a more portable option as it can be carried by a single person, meaning a quicker response to the incoming threats. And although the DroneGun weighs around 13 pounds, the jammer not only brings down the drones but also forces it to land by blocking its GPS or return to its starting point, which means you have a chance of tracking down the trouble maker as well.

Pic Credits: DroneShield


The DroneGun is not FCC-certified as yet, but it certainly has the possibility to be used even in sensitive operations, such as keeping drones them out of restricted airspace and being used by the military to disable drones carrying explosives.


Pic Credits: DroneShield


You can check out the Dronegun in action in the video below.


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