Now Even Some iPhone 6 Devices Are Reportedly Exploding

While Samsung’s infamous Note7 has been hogging up all the “limelight” for its explosive characteristics, but there has also been a new entry in this seemingly never-ending business of mobile flare-ups.

Besides the users being frustrated by its spontaneous battery shutdowns, many people, mainly from China, have been reporting that their iPhone 6 batteries have been pulling off a Note 7 and catching fire for no apparent reason.

According to The International Business TimesThe Shanghai Consumer Council (SHCC) has filed a complaint on behalf of the Chinese iPhone users experiencing a host of problems. And the most notable of these instances were a curious case of phone’s spontaneous combustion.


The complaint states that from this year’s Sept. 1 to Nov. 30, the iPhone 6 or 6S devices were seen to reported to smoke or combust in eight separate incidents. In one case, the report also claims that one particular claim of iPhone 6S Plus explosion, Apple acknowledged a problem with their part, and replaced the phone without giving any explanation for the reason causing the problem.

The report also mentions that many customers have lodged a complaint on ID theft and battery shutdowns. In total, a staggering 2,763 complaints were lodged against Apple in China in the year 2016 till Nov. 30.

The SHCC has requested three broad responses from Apple while asking Apple to officially take responsibility for the losses incurred to the consumer and its customer service practices.

As reported by Mashable, an Apple representative did acknowledge the filing and existence of the reported “thermal events.”

“We want to assure our customers that we thoroughly investigate any such report. We have been in touch with the customers and retrieved these units for analysis.” .

But Apple was quick to point out that these incidents were not just random explosions.

“As part of our standard process, we do a thorough forensic investigation including CT scans, cross sections, and more. The units we’ve analyzed so far have clearly shown that external physical damage happened to them which led to the thermal event. We treat safety as a top priority and have found no cause for concern with these products.”

Quartz cited a specific incident of an iPhone 6s Plus exploding, which belonged to a certain woman Ms. Chen in the SHCC report. The report also included a picture of the disaster, with a broken screen and a deformed and bumpy back surface. According to Quartz, Chen’s iPhone was replaced by Apple after her complaint.

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