You'll Never Have To Make Your Bed Again Using This App-Controlled Smart Duvet

Too lazy to make your bed after you wake up? Or you are simply too busy or always too late to care for such trivialities? Have no fear, as the smart duvet is here to care for all your bed making woes!

A Canadian designer company called the Smartduvet claim to have created a technology that will get rid of the age-old annoyance of making your bed go away forever!

According to the developers, the design uses a grid-shaped, blow-up layer made of ‘space-age fabric’ which strengthens your duvet by filling itself with air. The technology is connected with a mobile phone app using the Smartduvet box, which can help you use the duvet remotely, or even schedule its straightening at any time.

(Photo: SMARTDUVET/Kickstarter)

Best of all, you don’t need to replace your current bedding for this device. Instead, it will be placed between the duvet and duvet cover, meaning you can still use your own comfy bedding while turning it into the bed from the future.

Chris Jarry, who is the public relations officer at Smartduvet said in a promotional video:

“It’s a problem everyone can relate to, nobody likes making their bed. Whether you’re a young professional without the time to spare, have a teenager that doesn’t want to bother or simply struggling with mobility issues, we can all relate to the feeling you get after walking away from an unmade bed.”

He added on,

“We invented the Smartduvet because there’s nothing better than getting into a bed that feels like it was made just for you.”

As the company claims on its website, the components of the duvet are made out of very thin and lightweight space age material. And the sheet’s grid shape allows for optimal air circulation while preventing unnecessary heat accumulation.

The company has launched its Kickstarter project and has already raised $17,000 odd with the total aim of $22,760 investment to be reached by December 27.


The company says that if it can reach the goal, it will start shipping the product as soon as May of next year. And frankly, we are so excited that even that date looks too far away!

What are your thoughts on this automatic bed making tech from the future?

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