This New Google Chrome Extension Replaces Donald Trump Pictures With Adorable Kittens

Make America Kittens Again.

Are you tired of watching Trump take over your news feed, your timeline and all of your favourite news outlets’ websites? Don’t worry, as there is a new Google Chrome extension that will replace all of Trump’s pictures with adorable kittens.

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We know every news junkie would be sick of watching Donald Trump’s orange-tinged face, especially if you are still suffering from the shock of man’s unexpected rise to power.

Pic Credits: thewrap

But the fact is that President elect is not going anywhere – barring the possibility of impeachment – and he will be the most covered person in the world for the next four years.

The extension is named Make America Kittens Again — playing with Trump’s famous campaign slogan — and uses its algorithm to find headlines mentioning Trump’s name.

Pic Credits: thewrap

Then all of the featured images in the articles are replaced with something cuddlier and a little less repulsive.

While the extension is not perfect and some Trump pictures do get through (oh the horror), but it certainly is worth a run!

Pic Credits: boredpanda

You can download the extension here.



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