Elon Musk “jokes” about starting a company that digs tunnels under traffic

When Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk makes a joke about starting a new venture, you never know whether he is actually kidding around or is it really a start of one of his revolutionary ventures.

Another such example was on display when the Musk exposed his plans to tackle the crazy traffic of Los Angeles in the most teasing of fashions.

And then his funny bone kicked in

An instant tagline, and not too bad!

And this is where we all sat up straight in our seats!

Now if it would be anyone other than Musk, you would laugh it off. But we are talking about the same guy who’s last “random idea” about building a Hyperloop, turned into a world famous concept with a host of startups and millions of dollars worth funding spent on making it a reality.

Now we would not be surprised if we see the eccentric auto and space mogul to publicly ask for technical details and business plan details for the idea.

Considering the fact that the man has been a major player in the rise of autonomous cars in the shape of Tesla, it would be ironic if he comes up with a method to travel “through” the earth.

What are your thoughts on Musk’s dig through the earth plan?

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