Can Trump Actually Launch A Nuclear Attack In Just Four Minutes?

Is Trump Gonna Kills Us All?

As soon as Trump won the election, a myriad of fears and question rose in the minds of millions who never saw it coming. Besides the awe and shock, one of the most pressing questions was based on the fact that as President of the United States, Trump will be given exclusive access to the nuclear launch codes. This has been discussed hundreds of times, and at one point even Hilliary tried to “strike fear in people’s minds” about the fact that the “fickle and thin skinned” Trump will have the power to essentially destroy the modern world with just one phone call.

Evidently, the scare tactics were not successful. But the question still remains, does Trump actually have the power to launch a nuclear strike at his will?

No One Can Be That Stupid!

While most of the mainstream media have spread the disinformation about the President having the ultimate and exclusive authority over a nuclear strike, the reality is far more complicated than what is depicted.

First, any defence or security analyst (or for that matter a person with a double digit IQ) would tell you; there’s a reason why the only time nuclear arms were used was in in 1945; when only one nation in the world had them. As soon as the Russians were able to create their own nuclear technology, it was most probably the end of all realistic chances of any further direct nuclear attacks, considering the immediate and devastating retaliation that would ensue.

Nuclear technology can only be used as part of leverage and to deter major wars between two countries, such as Russia/America or India/Pakistan. Speculating that Trump would be stupid enough to launch a nuclear strike simply shows that you lack basic knowledge of how the world actually works.

NO, Trump CAN’T Launch A Strike All On His Own
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No, Trump Can’t Launch A Nuclear Strike On His Own!

Sen. Marco Rubio’s statement saying that America can’t give “the nuclear codes of the United States to an erratic individual” certainly asserts that Trump will be the sole decision maker behind this colossal step. But had the Senator done just a little bit of research he would have known that this is not how decisions about nuclear weapons are executed in the United States. The fact is that the American president is helpless without the consent of many independent people, and simply can’t send nuclear missiles unilaterally.

The 50 years of America machinery working on creating a refined system of checks-and-balances to prevent such accidents has resulted in a huge hierarchy of people before this decision can be made. The President only gives his approval after the decision goes through the military command structure and the secretary of defence. After that, another system of checks-and-balances comes in the way, and finally, two military officers are needed to simultaneously push the buttons to ultimately fire the deadly missile. So while the entire process might take just four minutes, the process does involve dozens of independent people. And even if one of them stands up against the decision, the nuclear launch would be delayed indefinitely.

So there’s your myth busted and blown into a mushroom cloud!



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