Watch A Man Getting Arrested Over Displaying Genitalia-shaped Christmas Lights

Christmas is the time to flaunt your creative side, from adorning the Christmas tree to designing the family newsletter. But it seems as though one Englishman got a bit too “enthusiastic”; if that’s the right word.

The police arrested him on reports of displaying phallic shaped lighting patterns on the front of his house in what he claimed was his way of expressing the spirit of the holidays.

Steve McGawley, a resident of Blackpool, England, had a heated argument with police trying to defend his actions, and claiming that he did not intend to create these offensive decor outlines. The lights created a penis followed by a bell and the word “END.”

As recorded on the video by the locals, the officers are describing the antics as being “not very Christmassy,” and since before that he was also seen displaying the word ‘c**t’ in lights, the police asked the man’s latest design be taken down.

When Steve asked the reason for all the fuss, one of the officers says:

“Because that looks like a penis, that’s like a bell and that says end, so people have taken offense to it.”

Steve then switched off the lights, but the police were still not satisfied and said,

“Your penis is still offensive” (If only I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that)


They added,

“People have been complaining, so you either take the lights down, or I’ll lock you up and take them down myself.”

McGawley refused to take the lights down and argued that the perceived phallic structure is actually meant to be a mushroom. Adding to the comical conversation, the man ends by claiming that since he’s dyslexic, he can’t really tell the difference between a mushroom and a penis.

But the officers were having none of it, as it was confirmed by Metro that the man was arrested after

“a number of complaints in relation to fairy lights on the outside of the house.”

penis christmas lights

The police issued a statement on the matter,

“Despite attempts to engage with the occupant, the lights were not taken down, and a 43-year-old man from Blackpool was arrested on suspicion of a public order offense and issued with a penalty notice for disorder.”

Daily mail reports that since than the man has taken down the offensive lights, and has spelled ” I am sorry” with them instead. So considerate of him!




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