Astronauts Officially End The Mannequin Challenge As It Is Taken To New Heights

Brace yourself for the mother of all mannequin challenge, which has been taken to new, unexplored heights. Literally!

Thomas Pesquet, who is a French astronaut at his six-month mission to the International Space Station, posted a video today, attempting, and quite frankly killing, the challenge along with other five crew members performing the challenge.

Some of them are seen clinging to the footholds and handholds, while others simply float in the microgravity, giving a new dimension to the challenge.

Over the last few months, the Mannequin Challenge has taken the internet by the storm, with people from all walks of life, from school kids to athletes, and even presidential candidates, posing like mannequins for the camera. But after watching this video of the viral challenge being taken to space, we can safely say it is officially over!

And this Twitter user certainly agrees with us!



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