If you ever doubted that we are indeed living in a sci-fi future that our forefathers could have only imagined in their wildest imagniations, have a look at these questions asked AT&T, an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate, in an ad back in 1993. This was shot to predict some craziest technological advances at that time to catch the attention of the viewers. Some of these questions included:

  • Have you ever borrowed a book from thousands of miles away? 
  • Crossed the country without stopping for directions? 
  • Paid a toll without slowing down? 
  • Tucked your baby in, from a phone booth? 
  • Opened doors with the sound of your voice? 
  • Watched the movie you wanted to, the minute you wanted to? 
  • Learned special things from far away places?

All of these might not have been wild predictions though, since in 1993 many companies would have working to establish advances like ebooks, GPS, RFID technology, video calling, smart homes, video streaming, and eLearning etc. And since there was no such thing as social media, many people were simply oblivious towards these advances making this ad all them more impressive.

But it is still unimaginable how different was our world just a few decades ago, and equally exciting to speculate how astonishingly advanced the world will be twenty years from now on!

Take a look at how AT&T predicted our future world:

Overall, the ads were incredibly accurate in speculating the cutting-edge technologies in the next ten years, but they were wrong about claiming AT&T to be the leader behind these innovations. Although AT&T does provide some infrastructure, their incentive was rather taken over by a new generation of Silicon Valley companies that didn’t even exist these ads were made.

 What are your predictions about the next twenty years’ technology ?

Maybe some day someone will be quoting your speculations, so let ’em rip in the comments’ section below!