27 Cool Things Google Can Do For You

Do you think Google can only be used for the serious work stuff like searching, emails, saving stuff on Google Drive, etc.? You could not have been more wrong! Today, we are going to bring most fun and awesome things you can go using Google, and we bet you didn’t know about this before!

These Google features will make you love Google even more than you probably already did.

1. Google Image search “Atari Breakout” and play this awesome game

2. You can set a timer or an alarm by Googling the amount of time followed by the word “timer.”

3. Use Google Sky to explore far fetched galaxies and universe using images from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the Hubble Telescope and NASA satellite.

4. Type the word “tilt” and watch your screen get skewed up!

5. Type the words “do a barrel roll” and be prepared for your screen to start flipping

6. Google nGrams can be used to search for the frequency of word usage in 5.2 million books published between 1500 and 2008.

7. Never be intimidated by large numbers again! Google that 12-string number with “=english” after it, and let the search engine do its magic

8. Relive your childhood by checking out Google’s Build with Chrome

9. Google can convert for anything for you.

10. You can add “+anything” after your own email address, and it will still work. This is useful for filtering emails (for example, you can set up a folder for all emails sent to “youremail+datingsite@gmail.com“).

11. It can translate for you anything for you using its rich database of a host of languages.

12. Google’s fun new Maps game called SmartyPins gives you geographic trivia.

13. You can also find movie times and locations

14. If you are getting married, Google will help you plan your wedding, do the announcements, locate a venue, organize the plans and even make a website.

15. Use Google Translate’s “Manual” feature to draw characters or symbols.

16. Find your favourite fonts that can be used for free (Google Fonts)

17. You can use Google Art Project to check out high-res photos of artwork from around the world.

18. This one is our favorite! You can perform an image search and find similar photos on the web. This can be useful in, let’s say, finding the name of a person, or the dish you want to recreate but know nothing about!

19. Google search “zerg rush” and end up with finger pain!

20. Say goodbye to boring image search with Google Sphere

21. Searching “Police Telephone Box” in Google Maps will bring you Earl’s Court Station. You can Go to the location’s street view and you’ll see the Doctor Who TARDIS on the sidewalk. You can also go inside the time machine and even have a 360-degree view of its interior.

22. Google can help you decide your dinner

23. It can give you the exact times for sunrise and sunset.

24. Do a Google search by voice if you are tired of typing. Just click on the microphone icon and speak whatever’s on your mind!

25. You can get the weather forecast for any city by typing the city followed by “forecast.”

26. You can check your flight status.

27. Google “Find Chuck Norris.” We promise you won’t be disappointed!

Which trick is your favorite one?

Have any other Google tricks you think we should add to this list?

Let us know in the comments’ section below!



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