Verified UFO Spotted: Chilean Navy Release Top Secret Footage Of Unrecognisable Object ‘Leaking Gas’

While most of the UFO sighting reports are discredited by the mainstream media as a “hoax” and “conspiracy theories,” the latest video released has put even the staunchest of alien naysayers in doubt.

In an astounding footage released by Chilean navy, an unusual object is seen performing erratic movements and emitting plumes of some unidentified substance, and many think this might be the ultimate and undeniable proof of a UFO sighting. CEFAA, which is Chilean government agency investigating this alleged UFO sighting, has been trying to make sense of the footage for the last two years. Now, in a stunning turn of events, they have finally conceded that the team has failed to make sense of the object sighted in the country’s airspace, sparking a new debate on the existance of extra terrestrial beings.

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The footage was shot by a naval helicopter when it was on a routine daylight coastal patrol back in November 2014. The camera identified a flying object ahead, with the technician aiming the camera and zooming in with the infrared (IR) for a clearer picture. The camera tracks the UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) from 35 to 40 miles away, and even tried to communicate with it, but to no avail!

The unauthorized object was immediately reported to two radar stations located at either sides of the UFOs, but both of them failed to detect it on the radar despite the object being in their range while they were still able to detect the Navy helicopter. The helicopter’s on-board radar also did not detect the object.

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Later reports by the air traffic controller confirmed that no air traffic for that day was authorized or expected, neither civilian nor military. The footage clearly shows the “UFO” being about the same size as that of a helicopter, and omitting large plumes of gas like substance before disappearing into the clouds.

Pic Credits: huffingtonpost

Director of CEFAA, General Ricardo Bermúdez commented on the investigation:

‘We do not know what it was, but we do not know what it was not.’

General Bermúdez, who was accompanied by a CEFAA scientific committee member and nuclear chemist Mario Avila, conducted interviews of the two Navy officers who witnessed the object in person,

‘I was very impressed by these witnesses,’ he said. ‘They were highly trained professionals with many years experience, and they were absolutely certain that they could not explain what they saw.’

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Names of these officers are being hidden at their request. The footage was captured using a high-tech Surveillance & Reconnaissance (SAR) camera in broad daylight. And after two years of rigorous and comprehensive investigations, the CEFAA and its committees of military experts, technicians and academics have finally given up on trying to explain this object.

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The committee confirmed that there was no evidence of “alteration of the video.”

Pic Credits: huffingtonpost

They also claimed there is no way it could have been a passenger jet coming in or out of the Santiago airport, which is located near the location of the sighting.  They were unable to establish the nature of the “material” being thrown out by the unidentified flying object. Any birds, flying insects, drones, parachutes or hang gliders were also put out of the question.

The UFO was spotted near Santiago Airport

It might just be another one of those top secret projects by the NASA and CIA, or could it actually be a legit UFO?

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