Someone Is Rewriting Trump’s Tweets Asking Him To Grow-Up!

PresidentElect Donald Trump has been at the receiving end of heavy criticism many times due to his “flamboyant” and open demeanor on Twitter. Some relish Trump, who is so honest and straight forward, while others think the man who is going to take charge as the most powerful man in the free world should be more measured in his approach.

One of the major talking points for Trump’s adversaries was his quite evident lack of temperament and diplomatic skills that surely doesn’t befit a man destined for the most precarious and difficult jobs. And as a proof, aside from his rather “interesting” comments both on and off the stage, his shenanigans on Twitter have also been quoted and used against him multiple times.

The twitter user @MatureTrumpTwts is one of those people, but instead of just venting out against Trump he/she has actually recreated Trump’s tweets which in his opinion would be more fitting for a President and leader of the free world. Although we don’t agree with all the reconstructed tweets and motives behind them, it’s definitely an interesting perspective.

More info: Twitter (h/t: huffpost)

Do you think Trump should be more responsible in his public conduct since he’s the POTUS, or do you believe his openness is his biggest strength and the source of popularity?

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