CIA Just Released 13 Million Classified Documents Detailing UFO Sightings, Psychic Abilities And Supernatural Beings

Some truly shocking revelations have surfaced after CIA decided to declassify 12 million pages of their once top secret documents, which include information on UFO sightings, the existence of psychic abilities, strange lights above Kaikoura in 1978 and other once-secret files.

For 17 years, the US Army’s “Project Stargate” used psychokinesis, ESP and telepathy in several military and domestic intelligence applications, the papers reveal. The details of these programs and findings had not been easily accessible, this all has changed after the CIA posted a vast cache of 12 million declassified documents online.

Before this, the documents were only physically accessible from the four computer terminals at the National Archives in Washington DC. In the year 2000, the CIA did release the documents on CREST, which is its electronic records search tool, but the files were still available only through physically attending the Archives.

The move towards making them publicly available came following a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit in 2014, where the CIA was made to publish the 930,000 documents online in entirety. At first, CIA claimed that the action would take at least six years to scan every page, but soon enough the CIA information management director revealed that they will be able to complete the project quicker than expected, with assurances that nothing been had omitted from the data.

He said in a press release,

“Access to this historically significant collection is no longer limited by geography. We’ve been working on this for a very long time and this is one of the things I wanted to make sure got done before I left. Now you can access it from the comfort of your own home.”

Below are some of the highlights of these documents,


A scanned picture of the completed tunnel, which has been included in one of the many documents. Picture: National ArchivesSource:Supplied

This document reveals the secret operation dating from 1952 until 1956 when the US built a 400-meter tunnel to be used to tap Soviet telephone lines.

“By March 1952, all of the pertinent technical material had been assembled and sufficiently analyzed to permit the pinpointing of the most important Soviet circuits,” a document read.

Careful visual observation was maintained, and tunneling operations stopped each time the German guards walked over the tunnel on their regular patrols.

All components in the electrical isolation networks were individually selected and subjected to rigorous tests to ensure maximum reliability, and the lead-away cables were constructed of the best available materials, sheathed in lead and handled in accordance with the highest telephone company standards.”

The tunnel worked for 11 months and 11 days until it was discovered on 21 April 1956, by a double agent, known as George Blake.

“[Blake] had been recruited by the Soviets while a prisoner in North Korea in 1952 and had continued under Soviet control,” the document read.

Blake was privy to all aspects of the tunnel from the earliest planning stages and stated that he had informed his Soviet contact of the tunnel.”


Picture: National ArchivesSource:Supplied

This was probably the most astonishing part of the files. The declassified documents contain a host of UFO sightings from all across the globe, one report documenting a UFO spotted by two police officers at the Lithuanian border on June 26, 1996.

“Vehicle loads of soldiers from the ARAS rapid reaction force, sniffer dogs, and police reinforcements immediately arrived on the scene of the emergency,” a report read.

[According to eye witness accounts] they noticed a spherical objecting hanging and “pulsing.”

At the same time, they heard what they described as “a strange sound like an electric or electronic crackle.

When they moved about 50 meters through the long grass, the police said the sphere moved away, rose higher and rapidly departed.”

National Archives detailing UFO sightings. Picture: National Archives

The report also notes that the people in and around the scene studied the area carefully and reported the strange sound even after the UFO had left the area.

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The police commissioner that held a press conference also told the media that the two officers who saw the UFO were “psychologically healthy, normal people”.

The threat of UFOS

Another astonishing report had diagrams of what spacecraft from other worlds would presumably look like and deliberated on whether they were “ possible threat” to American security.

The report also contained pictures of CIA agents experimenting with saucer-like objects.

“Since 1947, approximately 1,500 official reports of sightings have been received, of these, about 20% are as yet unexplained,” one report says.


Some paperwork explains what was being examined in Project Stargate.Source:Supplied

Project Stargate is the name of a US Army’s investigations into psychic phenomena in military and domestic intelligence applications.

Another report read,

“Studies of paranormal phenomena have nearly always been associated with controversy. Despite the controversy concerning their nature and existence, many organizations continue to be avidly interested in these phenomena,”.

The intelligence community is no exception: beginning in the 1970s, it had conducted a program intended to investigate the application of one paranormal phenomenon — remote viewing or the ability to describe locations one had not visited.

As an adjunct method to gathering intelligence, people who possess this ability could be asked to describe various intelligence targets. This information, especially if considered credible and reliable, could supplement and enhance more time-consuming and perhaps dangerous methods for collecting data.”

Documents details results of psychic tests on Uri Geller, where copied drawings made by researchers in another sealed room


The reported ended with a conclusion that the observations provide enough evidence against the continuation of the program and little evidence of the existence of remote viewing.

“The information provided by the remote viewing is vague and ambiguous, making it difficult, if not impossible, for the technique to yield information of significant quality and accuracy,” the report read.

We conclude that continues use of remote viewing in intelligence gathering operations is not warranted.”


These declassified documents would keep Fox Mulder occupied.Source: YouTube

Another interesting piece in the documents was a revelation on the “unusual phenomena” that was a source of disturbance to a family in France. This 1980 mystery was connected to a poltergeist, which was a ghost or other supernatural being responsible for physical disturbances.

The report read,

“The poltergeist manifested itself over the years in well-known uniform patterns: beds were moved about, pillows and covers were pulled off, locked doors were inexplicably opened, the contents of cupboards were found to be in disorder, objects disappeared and reappeared, sounds were mimicked, penetration phenomena occurred and so on.

Thorough psycho-diagnostic and depth-psychological examinations were planned but could not be carried out because the family was about to leave for Guadelope in order to escape the poltergeist.

In their new surroundings, they found peace, although even there they experienced strange phenomena such as rosaries falling from the sky.”


If you ever wondering how to make invisible ink.Source:Supplied


To round it off, here’s a complete guide on how to perform photography and to write with invisible ink.

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