Watch How Winter Has Created Beautiful Ice Sculptures And Patterns On These Cars

Winter, with all its quirks and inconveniences, also has a unique artistic and romantic side to it. Watching the perfect flakes fall from the heavens and spread their vast white blankets as far as the eye can see is sure to stir your inner creativity.

Today, we have collected pictures that will prove once again how no one can beat it when it comes to effortless patterns and structures that would make any artist awe in amazement, as extreme winter conditions team up with automobiles to create jaw-dropping artistic masterpieces.

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[Pictures Via BoredPanda]

#1 Ice Formed On Jeep

#2 Jaguar Hood Ornament Wearing An Ice Fur Coat

#3 Car Being Ice Feathered

#4 Is there such a thing as an ice spider?

#5 A Frozen Car Window That Can Easily Be Mistaken For A Canvas

#6 Photo Taken From Inside A Frozen Windshield

#7 Ice Spikes Growing On An Antenna

#8 Slush Of A Car Tire Freezing Into A Circle Of Spikes

#9 Mercedes Logo Has Never Been This Cool (Literally)

#10 Nature Is The Greatest Artist Of All

#11 Snow A Car Windshield Rolling Itself Up


Pic redutchapprentice

#12 Winscreen Vandalized By Ice Fairies

Credits: imgur/getabducted

#13 Frozen Bubbles On A Car

Credits: imgur/tuuky

#14 Would never be able to bring myself to get rid of such beauty

Pic Credits: imgur

#15 Must Resist Urge To Punch Through It

Pic Credits:Reddit/ WowzersInMyTrowzers

#16 Only If They Sold Cars With This Kind Of Paint job


Pic CreditS: reddit/fertilizephilosophizee

#16 Ice Sculpture Left By A Pickup Truck

Pic Credits: WRAL Mike Maze

#17 Hershey Kiss Shaped Ice Drops On A Car’s Roof

#18 Both Of Them Would Make Great Pictures For Ads

Pic Credits: boredpanda
Pic Credits: boredpanda

#19 Frozen Lady Covered By A Spider To Heat Her Up

Pic Credits: boredpanda

#20 Ice On A Car Grew Like Fungus On A Log

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