Photomath: Genius Smartphone App That Will Instantly Solve Your Math Problems

Are you sick and tired of your solving the dreaded algebra problems? Or need a full-time tutor that can help you with a math problem any time of the day? If so, then PhotoMath is here to alleviate all your woes!

PhotoMath is an ingenious app that promises to solve all your simple linear equations and some other math problems by simply scanning the questions using your smartphone camera.

Pic Credits: photomath

But the magic doesn’t end here! The app also provides a step-by-step guided solution of the problem, meaning the app is useful for students, parents and educators alike.

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One user commented on the app,

“If you can’t figure out the answer and this app can show it to you step-by-step then this is precisely best used by people trying to learn math,”

The app also includes Handwriting recognition, colorful and illustrated step-by-step instruction along with a smart and handy calculator.

Pic Credits: photomath

This is how you can use the app:

Step 1:

Place the equation inside the frame shown by the app’s interface while holding the phone directly above. You can also drag and adjust the size and shape of the frame.

Step 2:

The result will appear on the screen after a few seconds in red.

Step 3:

You can also tap the Steps button to see the entire method. Also, tap the arrow buttons or swipe up and down to scroll through the steps.

Another user commented on the app,

“if you’re a parent helping with homework, knowing [the correct answer] and how to get there would be sweet.”

Kontra,’s blogger, was not impressed, though. He wrote on Twitter,

“Wet dream of high school math students, but perhaps not such a good idea? Equation solving is a learned process. Once you short circuit it, it’s problematic,” he said.

While there is some truth to Kontra’s apprehensions, the fact is that misuse of any technology has its drawbacks, and same is the case with the app. Thus focusing on urging people to learn rather than cheat must be a priority rather than blaming the app for people looking to cut corners at any opportunity they get.

Pic Credits: photomath

According to the developers, PhotoMath supports arithmetic expressions, fractions and decimals, powers and roots, and simple linear equations, along with handwritten equations, although it does have problems in reading directly from your laptop’s screen.

Mariane Angelique Herrera, a maths teacher, wrote a review about the app agreeing with our point of view while summarizing the app’s utility,

“I’m a maths teacher. But I’m not the traditional one. I encourage my students to use their available resources to aide their learning, in their case, they have gadgets and Internet, they are so lucky. But I also stress that the answer is not important but the process it went through. This app made it possible for students to understand and not to just accept the answer without a single idea of what happened. Thank you for this app!”

PhotoMath is now available for iOSWindows Mobile, and Android devices. 

Watch how the app works in the video below!

What are your views on the ethical grounds of the app? Do you think this makes cheating very easy, or is it a good step towards making maths easier to learn for the masses?
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