How Large A Building Can Hold World’s Entire 7.4 Billion People At The Same Time?

Here’s a thought experiment that will get those brain juices flowing! Real Life Lore on YouTube asks a question that you would never have thought about before,

What if everybody in the entire world lived in just one building?

Since the video uses approximations that limit space per person to a coffin’s amount, usage of the word “stuff in” or “fit in” in the question rather than “lived” would have been more appropriate. But the idea of fitting in 7.4 billion people under one roof is an interesting one nevertheless. The video entails some simple calculations involving the average heights and volume taken up by a human being, and surprisingly the answer as not that big as one would imagine!

Credits: waitbutwhy

The ultimate building large enough to hold the world’s entire population would be just as big as the red cube in the picture above, and would only take up a couple of blocks of Manhattan.

The giant cube needs to be 4,416 feet tall, which is a little over .8 miles on every side. When compared with the current tallest building, Burj Khalifa which measures up at 2,723 feet, our red cube seems to lie within a plausible scale.

Credits: waitbutwhy

Already there are multiple structures around the world that are massive in capacity, such as the indoor Rungrado Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea able to hold 114,000 people and an outdoor stadium at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway able to squeeze in  235,000 heads. Below are some of the largest structures around the world, and the sheer numbers are mind boggling!

  • Kabba Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia – 4,000,000 people
  • Tesla’s New Gigafactory – 2,650,000
  • Crystal Island, Moscow, Russia – 12,500,000 people
  • Boeing Everett Factory, Washington -40,831,000

So in case of the eminent overpopulation, space requirements might not be one of our major concerns!



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