Samsung factory that made and stored the notorious Note 7 batteries catches fire

The inopportune hate story of fire and Samsung continued as Wednesday saw 110 firefighters and 19 trucks rushed to put out a fire in a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery supplier factory.  A “minor fire” broke a Samsung SDI plant in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin which required immediate response to be extinguished, as Reuters reports.

The fire broke out in the part of the site used for waste processing, which included storing the faulty batteries. Thankfully, no casualties or any significant damages to the plant were reported, although the fire did require the local fire department to rush down and extinguish it, said a Samsung SDI spokesperson.

Pic Credits: telegraph

The Wuqing branch from the Tianjin fire department spoke,

“material that caught fire was lithium batteries inside the production workshops and some half-finished products”.

Samsung SDI has five plants in China, with Tianjin being one of the key operating points for small batteries manufacturing which are be used in portable electronics. Their products included the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 that was recalled twice and caused the company a $5.3bn (£4.24bn) hole in operating profit.

Adding to the nervousness of the customers, Samsung has stuck with Samsung SDI and China’s Amperex Technology as their battery supplier for the upcoming Galaxy S8 smartphone, which was termed as the major cause behind the blowing Samsung Note 7 phones.

Pic Credits: techinsider

Samsung SDI have tried to reassure the customer base by revealing in February that they have invested approximately 150bn won ($131m) in safety. Samsung has doubled down on the testing regimes of the batteries, with recently leaked visuals of the testing facilities showing the Samsung Note 7 being rigorously tortured in a variety of ways to get to the bottom of the reasons behind the exploding battery saga.

You can look at some of the testing techniques in the gallery below!

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All eyes are on the Samsung Galaxy S8, which is being termed as make or break if the company is to come close to their rivals Apple and newer players like China’s Huawei. The phone will be launched around 21st April, and according to inside reports, it will have an edge-to-edge infinity screen, an iris scanner, and a waterproof design.



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