What The Cluck! Watch The Video Of A Dinosaur-Cum-Chicken That Is Breaking The Internet

The evidence of chicken’s close relation with the T-rex dinosaur has never been more conclusive, as shown by this freakishly large chicken that has clucked its way onto the internet, leaving everyone gasping and awing at its sheer size.

The video of the beast first emerged on March 17 which features a giant chicken barely managing to get out of a coop, thumping its way out with its freakish claws and plumes, giving it more resemblance to a dinosaur than a cockerel.


This  Brahma chicken is named ‘Merakli’ and is owned by Fitim Sejfijaj from Kosovo. Merakli belongs to a very special breed of chicken known as the ‘King of All Poultry.’

The origins of the breed is thought to have originally been developed in America from large fowls coming from Shanghai. The average chicken can weigh between 1.5 to eight pounds, but a male Brahma chicken weighs up to a whopping 18 pound!

The original video was shared in a Facebook group Shpeztaria Dekorative, which is dedicated to rearing exceedingly large chickens. The video was seen over an 81 million times, and attracted some pretty shocked reactions!

Gregg Clayton Cummings posted:

‘I could have sworn as it was first stepping out that it was a man in a costume.’

Chris Mapa said:

‘I was expecting the Jurassic Park theme song and the T-Rex roar when it came out.’

Just like most of the people, we can’t believe the giant chicken as well!

Peter Griffin hates this!



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