20 Awesome Things From Japan That Will Blow Your Mind

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun has been in the limelight for their rather “peculiar” and sometimes downright freaky ways of entertainment. But aside from these erratic interests, the country has an imposing economy, astounding landscape and a vibrant culture that is something to be admired.

Today ItsyBitsy Mag brings you 20 of the most amazing things from Japan that will make you stand and applaud the ingenuity and creativity of its people, and make you wonder why the rest of the world don’t take them up!

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1. Public workouts

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You can find people exercising out in the public places like parks, schools, and even in offices.

2. Subway navigation for tourists

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If you are a foreigner in the country, fret not since traveling through Japanese subway is made easier by their unique navigation system. Each station is given a special numbers letters and color coding to make commute easier.

3. Sending and receiving parcels

© machida-road.seesaa.net

No need to travel all the way to the post office and send a parcel. Send and receive them at any store thanks to these ubiquitous boxes.

4. Plastic cups filled with ice cubes for beverage

© misteriosdomundo.org

These kind of ice filled cups are available in FamilyMart and 7-Eleven, where you just need to add your beverage after you pay for the cup.

5. A hot water dispenser for noodles

© ofpof.com

This is manna from heaven, especially for all the college students who practically live on this stuff! Super stores that sell instant noodles also have hot water dispensers at the exit, so that you can enjoy your noodles on the spot!

6. Ubiquitous running routes

© uralpanda.livejournal.com

Japanese take their fitness very seriously, as besides the public exercise routine almost every road has a jogging track, where people can shed those calories whenever they get the chance!

7. Hard-boiled eggs in a package

© sybaritica.me

Besides their health, they sure do like to save time. Why waste those extra 10 minutes in the morning when you buy hard boiled eggs from the market!

8. Toilets with the sinks

© ofpof.com

This ingenious concept saves a whole lot of water, as you wash your hands in the sink and the water goes into the tank of the toilet instead straight to the gutter! Why didn’t we think of this before!

9. Ordering food from a vending machines

© www.meekhao.com

No need to waste time dwelling on the menu inside the restaurant and then to wait for the food to arrive. Just order via a vending machine placed outside the restaurant, and save more time for the post date activities (wink wink).

10. Umbrella holders on bikes

© gadoo.com

As an avid biker, I always curse bad weather! But this brilliant yet simple saves a lot of hassle as you can fix your umbrella in the nifty handle!

11. Communal baths called Sento

© upload.wikimedia.org

A way, way better option to release all the stress and fatigue after a hard day’s work than getting drunk in a bar!

12. Butter grater

© therichest3.imgix.net

Now rid yourself from the hassle of spreading cold butter with a knife thanks to this butter shredder!

13. Free umbrellas for everyone

© cherkassy.yoshi-fujiwara.ua

This one requires a bit of honesty, which is apparently ingrained in every Japanese. They have placed boxes with free-to-use umbrellas at every bus stop and street in Japan, so in case of bad weather anyone can use it and then drop it in ant other box located around the city when they don’t require it!

14. Automatic bicycle parking system

© upsocl.com

Many Japanese use bicycles to commute, which led to overcrowding of the bikes in racks and storage. To solve the crisis, the authorities came up with an automatic underground bicycle parking system. You simply place the bike on the runway, swipe your car and wait for the doors to open. The system automatically parks your bike, and when you need it back just place the card again and your bike will emerge in no time! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

15. Cooling spray

© shifteast.com

While the world looks towards fans and air-conditioners to beat the heat, the Japanese people use this all amazing gel to cool down on a hot summer day. The foam or gel gives a feeling of cold soda when applied on skin, which can last for several hours!

16. Dispen Pak


Say goodbye to the messy containers, as this super convenient packaging solves all the problems with liquid condiments and sauces. Simply fold the package in half, and gently squeeze it to gracefully push the contents out of the hole placed in the center.

17. Braille on Your Beer

Picture: wikipedia

By the end of this list you will probably be convinced that the Japanese are the most courteous nation out there. Even their beer cans have braille for the blind to help them know about the manufacturer and price etc.

18. Elevator Girls

Picture : donguri773.fc2web.com

While most of the world has gotten rid of the elevator attendants due to practical and economic reasons, Japan still have them since customer service and satisfaction is their number one priority!

19. Bike Parking

Picture: digg.com

In view of the current global warming scenario, we thought reiterating on this particular aspect of Japanese lifestyle is very important. Only in Japan you would see sights of a full bicycle parking lot next to an empty car. This is every environmentalist’s dream, and scenes like these are commonplace outside of train stations or shopping centers.

20. Capsule Motels

Pictures: labaq.com u-excellent.com

This unique concept was started around the same time as Japan’s rise as an economic powerhouse. Although the American capitalists also tried to replicate this by cramming more and more guests into tiny cupboards, the luxury loving American’s didn’t have any of it! Not for the claustrophobic ones, but a very economical solution indeed for hotel owners!



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