16 Insane Illusions That Will Make You Stop Believing Your Eyes Anymore!

#1 How many colors are there in this image?

© pinimg

Now that you come up with the answer, 4, 5,  6 the blue and green spirals are in fact of the same color — green. There is no blue color at all!

#2 Darker Brown?

© pinimg

The chocolate brown and ’orange’ squares visible in the center of the top-facing sides of the cube are actually the same color!

#3 Not everything is black and white!

© E.H. Adelson

This might be the freakiest one yet! Look carefully at the chessboard, do you see the squares “A“ and ”B“ differently? Is the “A” block darker than ”B”? The gif below might solve this problem!

© E.H. Adelson

Believe it or not, but both the “A“ and ”B” squares are the same color, Grey.

#4 Abracadabra!


© pinimg

Is the bottom part of the figure darker? Hide the horizontal dividing line between the top and the bottom parts with your finger, and brace for a jaw-dropping result!

#5 Grey, Why you do this?

© psy

Do you see chessboard with black and white squares? In reality, the gray halves of both black and white squares have the same color, and only change their perception depending on the color next to it.

#6 Okay, so it’s not only with gray

© persianpet

The horses in this one have the same color too!

#7 I don’t know what’s true anymore!

© psy

Excluding white, how many shades of colors do you see? In truth, there are just two — pink and green.

#8 Same, same, but different, different

© psy

#9 When your eyes play tricks on you

© BenHeine

Keep trying! You won’t EVER be able to focus on either of the images.

#10 Wanna see a magic trick?

© 9gag

See that gray moving bar? Now focus on the dot, and the gray stripe will turn into a blue one!

#11 What is reality?

© pinterest

Do you see a green blob moving in circles replacing the disappearing violet spots? What if I tell you the blob doesn’t exist in reality! Moreover, focus your attention on the cross, and even the violet spots will disappear!

#12 Make your world full of colors!

© imgur

Look at the black dot in the center for 15 seconds. This black and white image will become colorful!

#13 I see Christ!

© wikimedia

Focus on the four dots in the center of the image for 30 seconds. Then blink your eyes while looking at the ceiling. What do you see?

#14 What sorcery is this?

© vimeo

Can you see the black spots, but still just can’t see them? The black spots at the intersections of the white lines, in reality, don’t exist!

#15 And for my next trick, I will disappear!

© vimeo

Focus on the black dot in the center closely and watch the gray background vanish.

#16 Vamoose!

© watson

Keep staring at the center of the image; the blurred, colored shapes will disappear leaving a blank, white canvas.



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