What Would Happen To Earth If All Humans Became Extinct?

In these troubled times of climate change crisis threatening to induce a self-inflicted apocalypse and nuclear warheads being readied by 21st-century war lords to bomb each other out of existence, it’s a fair question to ask that what would happen to life on earth if every human is killed?

Assuming that somehow these events only effect human beings and every animal and structure is spared from the extinction apocalypse, it would certainly be a very weird world!

Since human beings are sometimes overly intrusive but very integral and part of the food chain, our extinction would have a grave effect firstly the animals and pathogens that thrive on humans and their diseases like lice, mosquitoes.

The real question is, “If humans disappeared who is holding the camera?”

Every power plant would run out of fuel within the first few hours, thus cutting off the power supply to our incredibly digitalized world.

This would mean every other industry and application connected with electricity would also fail. There will be no one to keep our domesticated animals like the 1.5 billion cows, 1 billion pigs and 20 billion chickens from going into the wild. And then they will have to deal with their non-domestic counterparts such as coyotes, wolves, and cougars for food.

No electricity means no heated homes for the cockroaches to survive the cold climate. No food scraps mean lesser and lesser eatables for rats and mice, meaning lower food for the eagles and falcons.

The world’s animals like horses and plants like broccoli and Brussels sprout will all go back to their original, unrecognizable predecessors.

On the bright side animals that are going extinct that many fish species are likely to make a full recovery.

The video below from AsapScience explores further possibilities:

Every wooden structure would be eaten up by termites or fires, and metallic objects like bridges and cars would eventually rust away. Cities will grow wilder and wilder, with animals reclaiming the lands. Cement and other structures will grow weaker, opening up cracks that will host plants.

Of course, the human footprint on the Earth is here to stay for a considerable time. The nonbiodegradable garbage would survive the longest.

What would happen to the chemicals and nuclear waste and other remnants of humans like the international space station and the satellites?

Which the video below to find out more!

So basically earth would be a better place without us!

And if your thirst for the subject is still not quenched, this documentary by the History Channel titled, “Life After People” will surely be a great watch!



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