Watch This $2 Million M88A2 HERCULES Recover A MRAP Vehicle From An Afghan Battlefield

Fenneks and Panzer tanks are all bad ass and super cool, but what equipment comes in to save their behinds when even they are stranded in the battlefield and waiting for the worst to happen? The name is M88A2 HERCULES (heavy equipment recovery combat utility lift and evacuation system), and it is indeed no less impressive and powerful than the Greek mythology hero.

M88A2 HERCULES is a US Army armored recovery vehicle that is used to rescue stranded heavy vehicles and machinery from heated and dangerous battlefields. The vehicle was manufactured by Bowen McLaughlin-York (BMY), and the beauty pulls off missions that would be nearly suicidal for any other vehicle. In the video below M88A2 HERCULES uses its towing, winching and recovery capabilities to winch the heavyweight vehicle M1A1/2 Abrams tanks out of the war zone without a hitch!

The M88A2 HERCULES cost US Army nearly $2 million and has a long 35t boom, and 140,000lb constant pull main winch allowing superior winching ability. The vehicle uses its 280ft cable and an auxiliary 3t winch along with an XT-1410-5A cross-drive transmission that has three-speed forward, one- speed reverse gear to lift up to 140,000 tons of weight without breaking a sweat!

Enough details! Time to watch the 63,050 kg, V-12 twin turbo diesel vehicle heroically pull out a damaged MRAP (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) vehicle from a brutal Afghan battlefield.

And you can learn about the towing machine in the short video below, or visit this website for its complete specs sheet.



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