Watch Stan, The Robotic Valet, Park Your Car Without Any Human Involvement

Another day, another low skill job taken away by the robots! This time the poor valets have to bear the brunt, as Stanley Robotics’ latest technology has turned a car park into a fully automated one at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Stanley Robotics’ robotic valet system provides free parking to people at the airport and is a dream come true for the garage owners since they don’t have to pay a dime to run the business! The drivers simply need to reserve a parking space via a smartphone app and leave their car at the designated spot. No need to hand over the keys to a valet as the robot valet swoops in and carries your car by picking it up by the wheels. The car is then whisked off to the right parking spot, where the robot scans the area to ensure a large car isn’t being squeezed into a small space.

(Stanley Robotics)

Stanley Robotics claim that each robot manage can carry up to 400 car spots, and a single robot will be able to park between 20 and 30 thousand cars per year with minimal maintenance. The robots don’t require any changes to the parking infrastructure, and in fact will save money by removing expensive lights, exhaust removal fans, and parking marks.

(Stanley Robotics)

The best of all, since no humans will be parking the cars; the cars can be packed together without leaving any room to open the door. This means the valet robot Stan can squeeze in up to 50 percent more cars than we currently do! More cars equal more cash for the parking garage owners and a possible alleviation of the shortage of parking spots in the big cities.

When the car owners return from their flights, they will find their vehicle at the same spot as they left it since Stan can synchronize with the booking system and know when the customers are coming back!

Watch Stan in action at the Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris in the video below!


Watch the same system in action in an outdoor parking lot.



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