10 “Groundbreaking” Sinkholes Around The World That Will Blow Your Mind

Our planet is a place full of wonder, mystique, and majesty. But sometimes it also gets downright freaky; as evident from these astonishing sinkholes in the most unexpected of landscapes. Sinkholes have always been a mystery due to their rare and peculiar nature, and today we are going to bring ten of the most astonishing ones around the globe!

1) The Hole of Glory

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The Hole of Glory, pardon the innuendos, lies on the Monticello Dam. The hole actually is the Dam drain which is used to lower the levels of water, and the sight is particularly pleasing when the drain is opened after a heavy rainfall. Who would need spillways when you can have holes to the core of the Earth?

2) Sawmill Sink

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Sawmill Sink is a magnificent bright blue hole located in the Bahamas. The site is also an attraction for archaeologists and helped scientists understand the nature of our planet thousands of years ago.

3) The Devil’s Sinkhole

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The Devil’s Sinkhole is home to 3 million bats that present a sight for the horror movies during the summer time. The hole, in fact, is a subterranean cave with entry strictly forbidden. *Must resist ex-girlfriend jokes*

4) The Great Blue Hole

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This hole is located at the center of Lighthouse Reef, in the Caribbean sea. The wondrous sight was originally a group of caves formed during the last ice age. The Great Blue Hole is a popular tourist spot and provides a great deep diving experience.

5) Dean’s Blue Hole

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Dean’s Blue Hole holds the record of being the deepest water hole in the world. The hole is located in the Bahamas and is used to train free divers.

6) The Harwood Hole

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The Harwood Hole is a cave in New Zealand that’s about 357 m deep! It is also the deepest vertical cave on Earth.

7) The Mir Mine

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This 525 m deep hole is known as the Mir mine and is one of the largest diamond resources in Russia. The hole keeps getting deeper as the quest for diamonds continues deep within the ground.

8) The Heavenly Pit


Oh, what a sight to behold! The “Heavenly Pit,” also known as the Xiaozhai Tiankeng, dates back to 128,000 years and ago and is located in China. The is a darling for parachuting enthusiasts.

9) Bingham Canyon

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Bingham Canyon is actually an open pit copper mine situated in the state of Utah, USA. The mine has already yielded metals worth US$1.8 billion with no end in near sight.

10) 2010 Guatemala City Sinkhole

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This freak popped up in 2010 in Guatemala City. The sinkhole ate up a busy intersection along with a three-story factory! Experts pin the creation to several factors at the time such as the eruption of Pacaya Volcano, Tropical Storm Agatha, and leakage from sewer pipes.

And if you are curious about the formation of the sinkholes, here’s a useful resource.

Did you like the holes? Which one’s was the freakiest one?

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