Fuze Your Whole Wallet Into One Smartcard

The future is here, and it’s more convenient than we could ever imagine! Lo and behold the magical technology of Fuze Card, which shrinks your whole wallet into one single high tech cardboard.

Fuze Card is a secure and slim electronic card running with an EMV Chip. The single card is capable of holding 30 credit, debit, or gift cards; meaning you’ll never need to keep multiple cards in your pocket ever again! This revolutionary multi-card technology is ready to be used anytime at retail locations worldwide.

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The card also comes with location tracking in case of theft and has a remote wipe option which allows you to instantly clear your data if it the card is lost! Just take my money already!

One Card To Rule Them All/ indiegogo/fuze card

Clearly, thousands of others also feel the same way since the Fuze Card campaign on Indiegogo has already raised a whopping $908,493 USD thanks to 5745 backers. This is 1817% of their $50,000 flexible goal, and there are still 19 days left! Absolutely mind boggling!

The card has a push button on the bottom corner which allows you to quickly toggle cards as per your requirement while watching the selection on the nifty little Fuze Card’s E-Paper display.

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You can buy the card ranging from $89 and going up to $169 according to different options and requirements. Visit the company’s Indiegogo campaign to learn more about the technology extraordinaire.

indiegogo/fuze card

The video below isn’t bad either!



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