Watch Artist Make An Awesome F1 Racing Car From Matches Before Setting It On Fire

Watching things crash and burn all around us is a favorite past time of our generation; case in point the state of affairs in the United States. But viewers be advised, this video might be just too hardcore and painful to watch even for the most “bad ass” of people!

Behold the most minimalist yet magnificent DIY projects out there! This is not your average DIY project which claims to require “just two things” and then by the end of it asks you to bring $300 worth supplies!

Instead, the video maker creates an F1 racing car out of nothing but a couple of hundred matches, a piece of cardboard and some rubber bands. And that’s about it!

But the most astonishing and downright outrageous part comes when while we are relishing the beauty the artists bring in a burning matchstick and put it on the … I can’t even continue!

Watch the video yourself before I win myself an award for my melodramatic flourish!

Oh the horror!



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