Can You Spot The Leopard In This Picture?

Over millions of years, animals have evolved and developed specialized characteristics to survive in the wild. The rule is to hunt or be hunted, and while it is truly relentless and unforgiving, it still provides some fascinating sights to behold, just like the picture below.

A leopard is present in this photo taken in Kenya’s Masai Mara heading towards its dinner, but the question is where? Surely the golden fields are not thick enough to hide the spotted beast; so where is it?

Credits: Caters News Agency

The shot was taken by German wildlife photographer Ingo Gerlach who considers himself lucky enough to have spotted the big cat in such a unique position.

Given up already? Okay, here’s this nature’s artifact’s hidden away on the tree.

Credits: Caters News Agency

At first glance, the tree’s bark seems just the continuation of the darker pieces running up the tall trunk. But a closer look reveals the picture to contain a stealthy leopard that is moving up towards its meal, a tasty Impala which amazingly is also hanging in the branches.

Gerlach said about this magnificence of nature at work:

‘The leopard was jumping up the tree to go and eat its meal. It’s a carcass of an impala that’s hanging from the tree.
‘The leopard was incredibly shy and I had to wait over five hours to take the picture. I was lucky to spot the leopard in the first place, and then even more so to catch it going up the tree.’

I can see the leopard moving up; but how the hell did the impala get up there?

As it turns out, the impala was most probably already hunted down and placed on the tree by the leopard itself to be devoured later on, as seen in the video from a separate incident.

Here are some other pictures from the same photoshoot.

Credits: Caters News Agency
Credits: Caters News Agency
Credits: Caters News Agency
Credits: Caters News Agency


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