You Can Now Shoot 360-degree Photos Using Your Smartphone Thanks To The Facebook App

If you already aren’t spending half your day swiping on the Facebook app, this new feature is bound to get you hooked up! Facebook has just introduced a new feature for its users which allows them to record 360-degree photos using smartphones without requiring any third party app or a specialized camera!

The feature of view 360-degree photos and videos in the app has been available for an over a year now, but now the popular social media platform is giving iOS and Android users the ability to actually shoot the 360-degree footage via the Facebook mobile app.

Of course, the process requires you to move the Facebook app camera just like in a panorama shot since most of the phones don’t have a 360-degree camera built in yet. To start your 360-degree photo shoot, open the Facebook app, swipe to the top of the News Feed and tap on the “360 Photo” button. The customized camera will pop up, requiring you to slowly spin around for a full turn while you keep the graphic centered in the middle. When done, you can pick the “starting point” for the photo as well and publish it on your Facebook wall. Amazingly enough, this photo can also be set as your cover photo!


Pic Credits: facebook360


The feature only supports 360 photos for now, and while you can shoot upload 360-degree videos using a specialized camera like Samsung Gear 360, Insta360, etc. you will have to wait a bit before the Facebook app allows you to do so with your phone.

Better rush and flaunt this cool feature to your friends!

Watch the video below to learn more about the feature or read about it here.






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